Thank you from your winner – Norbert!

Hello everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank you for all your votes and everyone that participated in this event. This is an extraordinary event and I am surprised I won:D. But it is not all about the winning.

It is very important to express engineering passionately to young people, so that they record what you are actually saying. It is very important for the future – for young people of the UK. They have to be shown that engineering is something more than just holding a spanner. We, the engineers should all feel obliged to translate engineering to youths. We want them to be the future, world-leading engineers of the UK.

Personally, I think this is a fantastic event and I am glad it takes place three times a year. I was very glad to talk to all of you. I received plenty of questions and a lot of them were really clever. I am thrilled by the level of depth to which students were reaching in their questions. I am already noticing young scientists and engineers out there, however we all need to put more effort to explain that technology is the future and the future is in us, the engineers and you, the students.

Engineering is a broad subject. There are plenty of different jobs out there. Whether it is engineering of buildings, vehicles, planes, space rockets or spacecraft, this is all relating to the future technology. We all need to support this.

I am definitely recommending this event to everyone and I will encourage others to take part.

Thank you all again,

Best regards,

Norbert Gogiel

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