• Question: Do you like One Direction? If not why?

    Asked by Mahi_R to Ainz, Hannah, Norbert, Simon on 24 Jun 2015.
    • Photo: Norbert Gogiel

      Norbert Gogiel answered on 24 Jun 2015:


      Honestly, I have never listened to them, so I cannot tell. I am 25 years old and I may be too old for it, haha. I listen to stuff like rock and I do listen to a club music when I am off for a party. However, One Direction I think is mainly for school aged people and I need to finally admit that I am far from there :D.

      I hope this helps :).

    • Photo: Simon Lay

      Simon Lay answered on 24 Jun 2015:

      I like ‘Thats what makes you beautiful’ much to my childrens disgust as they are both learning Lead and Bass guitar and their teacher has them into Rock! I prefer Dance Music and obscure DJ sets which is what is mostly on in my car!

    • Photo: Craig Ainslie

      Craig Ainslie answered on 24 Jun 2015:

      Its a no from me unfortunately Mahi – I have an 8 year old daughter who plays there songs all the time and I now have all the words to their songs trapped in my head!